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What we believe

What sort of Church are we?

We are a Grace Baptist church. “Grace” is another word for God’s undeserved love. We believe we are made right with God only because of His love (grace) for us, not because of our attempts to please Him. We believe God is in control of our lives and specifically our salvation from the beginning to the end; He did not have to love us or send His Son, Jesus into the world. It all happened because of God’s grace.

Baptism is a command from Jesus for his followers. We do not baptise babies but only people who are already followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. We baptise by immersion in water.

Here are some of the central things that we believe are very important:

  • God made us and He wants us to love, trust and obey Him.
  • This world has been spoilt by sin and we all need God’s forgiveness.
  • God the Father sent His eternal Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to provide salvation for all who repent of sin and put their trust in Him. We believe there is no other way to God.
  • Jesus lived on earth as a man, was crucified but rose from death and is now alive for evermore. He will return one day to judge everyone.
  • The Bible is God’s Word and is true and trustworthy.

If you would like to read what we believe in more detail, please click here.

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